Plain Perfection

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Just a quick post to share a submission I just entered into Minted’s Most Beautiful Quotes Art Challenge. This one really stuck out to me.

It’s not necessarily about beauty for me but it is most definitely about contentment in general. Recently our small group at church has been covering the sermon on the mount. One thing REALLY stuck out to me. Jesus said “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” I’ve read this a million times but I haven’t really ever READ it. Meek sounds like such a weak word. Sometimes, being the “strong-willed” woman that I am, I hate to associate myself with words like meek or submissive. Society has done a great job of making us reject the true meaning of words such as these by putting a negative spin on them. The fellow leading our class pointed out that meek can also be associated with the word content. THAT really spoke to me. Blessed are the content for they will inherit the earth.

Just as this quote highlights the truth of imperfection, that verse highlights the truth of contentment. How are we supposed to ever inherit the earth or be completely satisfied if we always want more. We always want something different. If you are content and satisfied you will have everything you ever dreamed of.

Just a little late night rant. :) I usually don’t include things like this on the blog but felt the insight shared with me was invaluable.